Copy Outlook Contacts to a new machine

September 27, 2009 | By AJS | Filed in: Backup, Outlook.

We are often asked how to copy the Outlook Contacts from one machine to another.

First, it is important to understand that the “Contacts” are contained within a folder in the Outlook “Personal Folders” item.  There is no separate “Contacts” file.

To copy the Contacts folder – do the following:

  1. Install the OutBack Plus Outlook backup program on the first or “source” machine.
  2. Use OutBack Plus to make a backup of the Outlook data on the “source” machine.
  3. Save or copy the backup to some media that is usable on the second or “target” machine.
  4. Install the OutBack Plus Outlook backup program on the “target” machine.
  5. Run OutBack Plus
  6. Click “Restore”
  7. Click “Import Outlook Data Files” – next step
  8. Locate the backup file from step 3 — open it
  9. Check the Outlook “Personal Folders” file to use.  There is likely only one main Personal Folders file and perhaps an “archive” file.  Check the main Personal Folders file.
  10. Finish the restore.  OutBack Plus will show a short “Guide” to assist with the import.  Leave this window showing.
  11. Run Outlook and follow the steps shown in the OutBack Plus “Guide” window.
  12. As you step through the Outlook import wizard – check only the “Contacts” folder — so that only the “Contacts” are imported.  Note: by default, the import will replace any duplicate with the Contact information being imported.

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