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Open File Manager - Introduction:

Many data files are locked by the "owner" application. The most common program that exhibits this "feature" is Microsoft® Outlook. Data files for other applications may also be locked. The notes below refer to Outlook but the problem is not restricted to Outlook.

The Microsoft® Outlook™ data files, including the optional "Business Contact Manager" data base, can not be saved while Outlook is running. Outlook is linked to many other programs (e.g. hand held computers, fax programs, and index programs). Even when Outlook is not visible on the Windows Task Bar it may be running to support the other applications.

Eazy Backup has long included an option to close the other programs so that a backup can be made. While this is generally reliable it requires adjustment whenever new applications that link to Outlook are installed on the machine. In addition, there is always a chance of losing data (a message being composed) when Outlook is forced to close.

The Open File Manager (OFM) is an optional add-on module which works in conjunction with Eazy Backup 7 (EZB5). When the OFM is installed, EZB5 will be able to make a reliable copy of the Outlook data, including the optional "Business Contact Manager" data base, without closing Outlook. The use of the OFM allows smoother operation of the backup with fewer interruptions as other software is added or updated.

Open File Manager - How it works:

The Open File Manager is a special Windows™ driver that temporarily caches the 'writes' to the files being saved by Eazy Backup and allows Eazy Backup 7 to make a copy of files that would normally be locked. Once the file copy is complete, the cached updates are applied. This driver, licensed by AJSystems.com for use with Eazy Backup 7, has been installed and proven on more than 10,000 systems.

Once the Open File Manager is installed, Eazy Backup 7 will use it automatically unless specifically disabled in the options menu.

Open File Manager - How to install:

Open File Manager - How to purchase:

The Open File Manager is an optional module. The OFM is available for $29.95 USD when purchased with a new or an upgrade license for EZB5. See the Eazy Backup 7 purchase page for additional details.

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