An overview of Personal Folder [PST] files

OutBack Plus saves all items contained in the Outlook Personal Folder files (PST files) Personal Folder files [also known as PST files] are used by Microsoft Outlook to store all of the information which is shown within the main Outlook display - including email, Outlook Contacts, Outlook Calendar, tasks, etc.

Note: if you are operating in a corporate environment that utilizes Microsoft Exchange, then your personal data is usually located within the Exchange server data base. You may, however, also have a Personal Folder file stored locally on your own machine. If you use Exchange and do not have a local Personal Folder - then the balance of the notes below are not applicable to you.

Points to note:

The PST files (like any file) are subject to corruption and data loss. Hence, if your data is important to you, then it is wise to make a backup copy. The Personal Folder files can be saved manually, but it is much easier and much safer to use the OutBack Plus utility.

An evaluation version of OutBack Plus is available for download

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