WM Duplicate Message Remover

If you use Windows Mail for your personal or business mail you will, no doubt, have encountered duplicate email messages.

Purchase WM Duplicate Remover on-line using a secure server Duplicate messages are often the result of a failure in the Internet connection while downloading the email messages from the server. If you have received some, but not all, of the messages to download when the Internet connection is interrupted, then the messages will be downloaded again when the connection is re-established.

Click here to try our free 15 day trial. You may also be the beneficiary of multiple messages from the same person (who may believe that you did not receive the first copy).

The duplicates may reside in your InBox or, if you move messages into personal folders, the duplicates may be spread across the Windows Mail folders.

It is difficult and time consuming to locate duplicate messages manually. This is especially so when the messages may be spread across multiple folders.

WM Duplicate Message Remover is the quick and painless solution to your duplicate message problems. Click here to order on-line.

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